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Willos Wobbly Waterloo & Wearisome Wait

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Sunday nearly three weeks ago, I slipped and fell over on a muddy, slippery slope at the park whilst taking Jedi-the-Wonder-Dog on a walk.   Result was fractures in the fibula and the tibia in my left leg, orthopaedic surgeon putting in two in the tibia and the leg in a temporary plaster.

A follow-up visit to the Austin Hospital yesterday, and the very helpful and friendly medical staff at the Fracture Clinic, cut-off the plaster, removed a couple of stitches, fitted me a Moon Boot, booked me another follow-up visit in six weeks and then said, "Go home".  That's the Good News.

The Bad News is that left leg is not to bear weight for another six weeks, ie. the next visit.  Prior to that visit I am to get another x-ray.  If the x-ray shows the fractures have mended satisfactorily, the Moon Boot stays on for another three to six weeks, but the leg will be able to bear weight.   More bad news will be if the x-ray shows the fractures have not mended satisfactorily, but I'll deal with that if and when.

The really bad news is that Dr Helen reckons that it will be another four months before I can ride the Mighty ST1300.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? Four effing months!!!

 :OldMan :OldMan

In the meantime, I suppose I will need a kind friend to volunteer taking the Mighty ST1300 for a run now and again, keep the battery charged, blow out to cob webs, etc .. not sure who is qualified for this task.

Anyway, those that are interested should submit an expression of interest, include at least three references, one of which should be from your bank manager/finance manager verifying you have sufficient funds to cover the ST in case it isn't returned in the same condition as it left.  The queue currently starts at Ballarat.

You will also need to convince Dr Helen to tell where she has hidden the keys.

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Kev Murphy:
Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery Michael.

Best of recoveries for you Michael. Don't rush the load bearing.

Have you got a battery charger? Put that on once a month and the battery should be good.

The fuel will start to go stale though, so starting and running in the garage is recommended and a fresh top up with a jerrycan before renewing your riding.

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All the best for a speedy recovery Williamson :hatwave

Bugggar !!

I would like to volunteer in no particular order to look after your bike the following people.....

Hang on lets do this another way......ANYBODY with an IBA Number  :nahnah

Hope you feel much more gooderer and get betterer soon  :like


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