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Lots of us are in the demographic where prostate cancer is on our radar.   We've either been impacted by this disease, or are at an age whereby it's appropriate to have anal annual checks with our GP.

My own experience with prostate cancer has been an ongoing and confronting journey since diagnosis and surgery 2010, and radiotherapy in 2013.   This week I begin a further six weeks of daily radiotherapy for a small secondary spot of prostate cancer that has been found in my lung.  Thankfully the rest of my body remains clear of disease.

Please have your regular checks.

Thanks StinkyPete for an important reminder.
All the best for your treatment.

I hope everything goes to plan with the treatment regime.  You will be on top of things in no time. 

All the best Pete.

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Good luck with the six weeks of daily radiotherapy, it sounds exhausting :H


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