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John Patrick Nagle . . . A year on . .

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I remember a year ago this night, Friday night (although the date was 2 October) my good riding mate and friend, John Nagle "Saaz" lost his battle for life . . . A battle he fought from the very beginning for all of his life and he loved life so much . . A beer judge, a talented motorcyclist, cooked great grilled aubergine, BBQ Ribs and cellared a few great wines.

His knowledge of all things bike was amazing and very helpful to many, many riders.

I still think of him and his company regularly and especially when travelling many of our favourite roads and pubs.

Bless you John, Rest in Peace . . . Safe travels . .

An adventurous mechanic, dry wit, and just a wonderful fellow, not to many OzSTOC photos i have don't have him close by somewhere

A nice Pinot Noir in his honor. To saaz!


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Rip Saaz


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