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Dual Motorcycle Camera (DV188)

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--- Quote from: Jdbiker on May 29, 2021, 05:03:04 PM ---Itís possible the camera cable could have come undone.

--- End quote ---

I've only just seen this so sorry for the late reply.  It is hard to say.  The cable appears to be connected to the camera and also was to the other end.  If anything has happened to it in the areas I can't see is anyone's guess.

Anyway, the reason for opening this thread again is that my DV-188 on the wheelbarrow packed up two weeks ago.  I bought a new VS-F2E Sony IMX323 Waterproof Front & Rear 1080P Cameras & 3" Motorcycle DVR with GPS & WiFi last week and it arrived this morning.  I'll open a new thread on that once I have got it up and running and done some testing.


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