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Dual Motorcycle Camera (DV188)

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Bugger!  :fp

Thanks for the update BodÝ.

As a final test I suggest:
* Remove the DV-988 console from the scooter.
* Unplug the DV-188 console on the kwaka and plug the DV-988 console in (if the connections on the cables are the same).

This should let you know for sure if the issue is with the DV-988 console or not.

* If it all works the final test is to plug the DV-188 console into the cables on the scooter.

If the the main camera is busted it should show up blank on the DV-188 however if the issue is with the powerbank it won't do anything.

NOTE: If the cables won't connect from one console to the other, try running an extension cord from the wall out to the scooter to power the DV-988 on the scooter and see it you still get the same issue just to rule out the powerbank being the cause.


I thought of that before when the DV-988 wasn't storing the date and I had a spare DV-188 console lying around but the cables aren't compatible/\.  The fault is in the camera or its cable itself.  Fortunately I only use that bike for local shopping so should get by with gopros that don't do much else these days.

The issue wasn't the powerbank.  The console won't boot up if the front camera is connected.

Itís possible the camera cable could have come undone.


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