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Worlds Greatest Shave 2021


Gday everyone once more I am shaving my head and most of my beard in this years Worlds Greatest Shave and I ask for your support to help research and to support those like me living with blood cancers.
I have been growing my hair since our National Rally in Toowoomba when WendyL and I had a successful shave event.
If you are able to sponsor me this year any small amount it will be greatly appreciated. Hereís my link to my WGS sponsor page where you can show your support.

I have been living with Multiple Myeloma for 10 long years and through healthy living am still here fighting the battle. I can no longer ride on 2 wheels which is why I now ride BEEstY my Can-Am F3S Daytona enabling me to continue to ride and enjoy what I have done most of my life.
On behalf of all living and and fighting the battle with Blood Cancers Iíll say thank you for your support if youíre able to sponsor me. I hope to be shaving during March and donating my long locks to wig makers that help all people who loose their hair thru Chemotherapy and Radiation through the Cancer Councils Wig making friends.
Hereís a couple of photos hopefully of my previous shaves and my current long hair and beard if Iím able to get them to load on the post.  If anyone can add photos from the Toowoomba Rally Shave to replies please do.

Hi STowners,
Iím shaving my head in a weeks time,27th March and with luck and help from family I will be doing it live on my Facebook page.  I am not very technically advanced but I hope to put on a show of my usual stupidity whilst trying to further encourage people to sponsor me to help boost my rather poor looking total and raise it closer to my target.
Hereís my link to my page on the Leukaemia Foundation website which links to my personal page and I appreciate any amount that you may be able part with.
My Facebook page Johnny Whitehead is public so if you want to watch me have all my long locks that have grown since our Toowoomba Rally 6 years ago come at Midday NSW time and watch.

You will feel like a new man..

Carton sacrificed for your effort..


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