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Just a FYI….

Captain Thunderbolt (Nev) from NSW has had a serious Tractor accident near his property over the weekend.

He has a number of busted bits and had an 8 hour surgery.

Mrs El Capitian Thunderbolt (Maria) advises the odd phone call or txt to Nev would be appreciated particularly as due to our current lockdown visitation is an issue.

Maria will endeavour to get the laptop to him to log on in the near future, naturally he will have a substantial recovery process ahead of him.



I hope you have a quick and complication free recovery

Tractors can be very unforgiving.

I hope the recovery and rehabilitation are as short as possible.

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Wild Rose:
Best of luck Nev with your recovery  ++
We are all thinking of you during this tough time

Hope the recovery goes better than the doctors expect and you get back home asap.


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