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Navman MiVue™ M760D Dash Cam

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If you're after a you beaut Cam for your ST you may find this of interest...

Normally $599, you can get 20% off plus free shipping if you buy using this code M760D20 on the Navman Australia website.

Offer expires on 31st October, 2021 so you'll have to be quick...


Look like a nice unit. Particularly neat having the GPS built into the main unit unit.

I’d be very interested if I didn’t already have a cam.

The dashcam on the kwaka packed up the week before last.  I bought a Sony replacement last week for half the price of this and it has a gps in it as well.  I'll post a product report when I've got it on the kwaka and had a chance to test it.

I ended up buying the MiVue, it arrived in the post today... :runyay

Before I purchased it I queried whether there was a longer cable (possibly a 2m) for the front camera as, in my opinion, the supplied 1.5m cable was likely to pull up a bit short on the ST1300.
I was pleasantly surprised when they told me they would source a 2m cable and send it at no cost to me once I supplied evidence (serial number) of my purchase.
So, hopefully the new cable will turn up in the next week or two!

Good to see good customer service is not dead!!!  :rockon :clap

I’m sitting here munching popcorn. 

Really keen to see what you think of it. 


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