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Wild Rose:
Robyn and I are getting over Covid
How many OzSTOC members are in the same boat

We had it from 23rd (Shonee) and 25th April 2022.

I've still got a dry cough triggered by cold air and cold drinks.

I hope you and Robyn both recover well.

Booked for our 4th vaccine in a couple of weeks. I found out today it has to be 3 months after you catch Covid before you can get another booster.

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WendyL and I both got it about 3-4 weeks back, me down hill for 2 days, Wendy bad for a week then bronchial infection on top for another week and still fatigued easily. All this only 2 weeks post shoulder surgery and all courtesy of a F.I.F.O. worker she had 10mins of contact with.
Out here its the first Grey Nomad/Tourist season without restrictions & mask mandates and is running rampant all the way from Barcaldine up to the Gulf, Mount Isa to Hughenden.
We were both about to get our 4th jabs but now have to wait till September.

Wild Rose:
I've had my 4th Vaccination back in May and have had the flu needle(over 65)
So don't know how I would have been if I never had any
I guess I will never know
Robyn has had 3 Vacs and a flu needle

West Aussie Glen:
Theresa had her 2nd booster but still got a mild case and passed it on to me. I was still thinking about what I wanted for my 2nd booster.
 Found this article rebooster timing after having had Covid. Very interesting if yu read to the bottom.


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