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OK, here we go.

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Kev Murphy:
Will be back online again late this afternoon with a progress report.

Best Wishes, Kev, as you navigate this issue.   Getting older is not for the faint hearted ..... and lots of life experience comes at a cost.    :fp

Kev Murphy:
OK, saw the specialist today, left eye is in far worse condition than right eye, with 25% loss of vision.
Have a couple of appointments with a local doctor for tests for damaged blood vessels in left eye, when I have the results I have to go back to Mount Gambier for more tests. Have been listed for cataract operation on left eye sometime in the future, date not yet set. Todays visit was billed at $369. Have to budget for the next visit.

Arrived home shortly after 5 pm to a text message that my new glasses are ready to pick up in the morning, so that may improve my vision in the short term. Have to find another $700 to finish paying for the new glasses.

Hopefully will get some sort of rebate on these costs, I am visiting centrelink tomorrow for assistance on how to claim benefits, as I am completely in the dark on how to proceed.

Can you claim any of that $369 back on Medicare, Kev?  :X

Kev Murphy:
I have to see CentreSTink tomorrow to find out how, Russ


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