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OK, here we go.

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Hopefully they'll be able to help ya, Kev!
I'm surprised the Specialist's office staff didn't offer to do the claim for you...That's what happened for me and I think I had the Medicare payment in my bank account that same day.

Perhaps it has something to do with you not doing internet banking???  :think1

Good luck with it all, Kev!  :thumbs

Kev Murphy:
Could be, will find out tomorrow.

Wild Rose:
Best of luck Kev
Hope it all works out for you

Kev Murphy:
CentreSTink sorted, and medical rebate is in the bank. Also my new glasses are here, and they are multi-focals.

Has improved vision dramatically.   :thumb

Left eye is still blurry, I have an appointment for xray scans tomorrow. 

Kev Murphy:
So much for healthcare in Victoria. Have been given multiple instructions to attend hospital here in Portland and to see unknown doctors multiple times for unknown tests during the past week.
After sitting in a waiting room at the hospital for multiple hours today, where even the staff knows not why I am there, I threw the towel in and cancelled everything.

At least now I can sit in the comfort of my own home and go blind in peace.


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