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Good news is Iím okay. 

Bad news is the Honda decided to have nap in loose gravel in some roadwork, I fell off onto my right side.  CAT scan shows no serious injury, well apart from five cracked ribs.

Iím in Wangaratta Base Hospital, being well looked after.

Damage to the ST is superficial, fairing, plastics, etc, although probably expensive, and back on the road very soon.

Think Iíll have skip the Travellers Rest, a decision may be made as late as Friday.

Glad you are mostly OK Michael.  Bummer about the STeed though.

Good to hear your some what OK, but, 5 broken ribs  :eek

We're sorry to hear that, Michael!  :eek
Hopefully you & the mighty ST are back on the road soon...  :X

Sorry to hear this but relieved to hear you're okay.


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