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On Tuesday 14th March I am going into hospital overnight for an Electrophysiology Study and Ablation on my heart. Had some very interesting days with an occasional high heart rate. 140, 152 etc not doing anything more active than standing.

The EP basically is a catheter up the artery from the groin and they do tests on the heart and if the can find an electrical fault they can fix it. Who would have thought they could do that. Its apparently more common that I thought.

So I cant drive for a couple of days and as long as I dont do any straining or lifting I can take the caravan to Mallacoota on the 18th via the RTE at Thorpdale.

I knew about these episodes from November 2021 and only just checked my Fitbit records which show some from 2018 that I wasnt aware of.  As has been said before it is fun getting older.

Good luck with it all, Garry!  :beer

Fingers crossed they can sort out those high RPM's!  :thumbs

Wild Rose:
Looks like OzSTOC members are not as tough as we thought we were
We are all starting to wear out
Good luck Garry for a great outcome. We are thinking of you
Keep us in touch. All the best from another worn out member  :beer

Best wishes Garry.

Best Wishes Garry.   I know a number of folk who've had ablation for heart issues and it's been very successful.   Prayers for a successful surgery and swift recovery.


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