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Modern medical miracles

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--- Quote from: ppopeye on March 15, 2023, 09:37:50 AM ---Home again. It allwent tp plan and fixed the issue. Age again.
I probably had the extra nerve from birth but as the body ages the pathways may become less deifined and pick another path.
So acouple of days off driving and take it easy. No lifting for a week and all willbe normal. Or for me relatively normal.

--- End quote ---


Gerard & Sandra:
Trust all goes well Ppopeye.

Wild Rose:
Well that's interesting
Years ago after doing a ECG with the railway the Doctor reading the report said I have a blood vessel in the heart that didn't connect up. He said it must have found another way around. I have never had any issues so far

Hi Gary,

Glad all went to plan and looking fed to catching up on Saturday, but donít bust anything to get there. Enjoy Malacoota.

Modern medicine is marvellous.   

No. 4 grandchild (Sebastian) was born with transposition of great arteries (of the heart) TGA .  TGA is a heart defect that occurs when the two main blood vessels leaving the heart are in abnormal positions. TGA is a life-threatening congenital condition, meaning it is present at birth. Babies with TGA need surgery. TGA is rare.

The TGA was identified very early when daughter went in for a check-up and scan.  Pretty upsetting at the time, but doctors had confidence that all would be okay.   As soon as Seb was born he (and Mum) were shipped to the RCH new born ICU for open heart surgery.  He's okay now, leads a perfectly normal life, just 12 monthly check-ups.

Seb will be 5 next week, he's very proud of his zipper scar in the middle of his chest.

He likes riding his bike.


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