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I will pay him a visit on Monday while my wife is having chemo.

West Aussie Glen:
Yorkie and I visited Lindsay yesterday.We sat outside in the fresh air with Lindsay in a wheelchair. He has started rehab and it is currently in the mornings so best time to visit is after 1:00.

Hey all you good people. I just thought Iíd give you an update.

This last week I made a couple of milestones. Itís not fun having to be wheeled to the toilet to do your business or to have someone shower you.

I even had to learn how to put a sock and shoe on, on my own.

Once I demonstrated that I could do that, the next challenge was to be able to transfer from wheelchair to bed and reverse with different heights. This is becoming easier.

Most recently Iíve been transferring from wheelchair to shower stool and taking my own time to shower.

Perhaps the best piece of autonomy is being able to wheelchair myself to the bathroom and transition myself onto the toilet in my own time and not be reliant on someone else.

The physios are really great at encouraging us all. Itís amazing how rapidly the muscles waste when you are flat on your back for weeks.

Iím really appreciative of your visits and love to chat.
And Iíll update when I have more news.


I am aware of how positive you are, it is great to see, keep it up.

Thanks for updating us on your progress Lindsay. Best wishes and happy Easter.
Cheers, Jd.


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