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Not bad, but only has 13Meg internal storage, no remote controll


--- Quote from: Diesel on October 05, 2011, 12:43:35 PM ---I can vouch for it Streak - Terry has the remote setup for easy on/off use, and it takes photos on the fly or vids and stores pics - it's a wee ripper!

Haven't seen the playback quality yet - but I believe it is quite acceptable. Also - make sure it has around a 170* view angle for the best on board motion footage.

This would be my choice if/when I were in the market for a cam.

Cheers, Diesel

--- End quote ---
I have the "Stealth HD" version and use it for work related purposes and a similar mount for fun use.  The remote is excellent and VERY handy.  You can also buy a small 4AA cell battery pack that provides USB power to the camera if you want to have it mounted on the helmet for extended periods.  Good for about 10hrs also.   

 :wht11 py

Found this link  and just down the pacific highway in NSW,


not that an excuse is needed for a ride,,,,,,But at $200

Just might get me one.


Being only a rider that has stuff that works I would buy another "Drift" for sure if something happened to the one I have ???
I know the experts say this and the others say that, but?????? I'm so glad I know nothing and can be just happy with stuff that does the job


Well I just ordered mine thru the link above
$9 postage
$199 Camera
and extras total $305



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