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I recently go a new video camera for my helmet and it's the best I have ever used. I got it from Myers for $240.  Its wide angle, Full HD, two hour battery life, rotatable lens, laser level, and easy on and off switch. I have posted a video on Youtube because it was too big to upload on this post. Check out the quality at http://youtu.be/Mj9dbYT7bAI   I added the sound effects so don't think I have a siren on my white st x p  it's a great device. :wht11

Thanks for posting STickerman. I'm staggered at the response from motorists. You never follow anyone for very long. They pull over quickly don't they. A white 1300 is on my Christmas list just for that reaction alone.
Back to the camera. That is very good footage. What is the lense angle? I tried out a mates original Go Pro but wasn't impressed but I believe they are much better now.
Cheers .

Nice quality, but you should keep off those roads, too many Cops.  The reason I dont use mine on the helmet, is that you can see the Speedo, dont want to post incriminating evidence.

The other question I had, was does it come with only 1 mounting bracket, and if so, are multiple mounts available? I would actually like to set up a 'forward and rearward looking' mount on the bike as well as a helmet mount. I would like to be able to 'snap' the camera out of 1 mount and slot it into another just to get some variety of shots to edit.

It's a Contour Roam modle 1600.  1080P  HD.   170o Wide. The quality on the video is not the full quality, I had to reduce it so the file wasn't so big for uploading. The original quality is much better. The sound picked up the wind noise but it picks conversation clearly. The benefits of the white x police bike is great unless your on a single lane, they slow down below the speed limit. As far as the camera picking up the speedo, I don't mind that because I don't speed (much) and I can turn it off easily.
It came with two mounts. One that I used and one that rotates if 365o  I'm sure you could get more mounts from the website.


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