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I have been doing a series of test vids with my Contour Roam HD Cam (thanks Tony - Stickerman) mounted at various points on my ST13 and my helmet.

Here is the first vid with the mount on the middle cowl just below the mirror housing on a tethered suction cup type mount.....

There are 7 different vids in all. Click the "YouTube" logo under the image to watch a larger version of it in YouTube itself.

All my vids are shot in 720p High Def, so you can up the quality setting for a better pic if your download speeds are good.

Contour Roam Suction Cup Mount Under Mirror of ST1300

Here is the next angle - rearwards facing from suction cup mount....

Contour Roam Suction Cup Mount Facing Rearwards

Helmet view on 360* swivel mount...

Helmet mount on ST1300

Handlebar mount - rearward view to rider...

Handlebar Mount of Contour Roam on Honda ST1300 view of rider

Lower Cowl Profile Mount - forward view...

Lower Cowl Forward View

Handlebar Mount looking forwards... (I worked out a better, more stable one than this today - will post when I can...)

Handlebar mount looking forwards

And finally.... Suction Cup Mount under mirror, facing rearwards with view of rider...

Suction Cup Mount under mirror, facing rearwards with view of rider

Now can I have my life back pls?        :rofl

Cheers, Diesel

definitely comes up well  :thumbs

Not bad

Very Cool Deisel............. :thumb

I'll just keep adding to my first post as I get the clips published.

Cheers, Diesel


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