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Looks great...tsk tsk no gloves...

My old boss used to say whatever you do look after your hands Because in this industry we need to use our hands alot :D

looks good, noticed the bare arms and hands

The only ATGATT was the skid-lid... 1:49 reveals no trousers either..... hopefully you had your Y-fronts on!

Image quality is great - can you increase the frame-rate?

That's fantastic Diesel. Where did you get the Contour and how much? I like the bike mounted footage of previous video footage by others so will be interested to see yours when you get around to doing it. Quality is great I reckon.
I rode 10 k's to work today with out gloves, jacket or my NEDS. Partners in crime Diesel. Guilty as charged. 

Yes! I totally threw caution to the wind for once in my ride. It was kind of like smoking behind the school toilet block and NOT being caught!       :thumbsup

I apologize. But save this vid - coz it's the only time you'll see it!       :wink1

Now - back to the point of it....

I filmed this at 720p and will continue to use this resolution because of the following:
    - it extends the battery life (per use) of the cam;
    - it creates a file of exponentially less magnitude compared to the 1080p setting;
    - it provides the ability to film almost 100% longer in terms of memory storage capacity of the 32Gb Micro SD card;
    - the smaller file is easier to handle, upload, save, edit and view;
    - the difference between 1080 and 720p isn't substantial enough to warrant enduring the first four points, visually; and
    - unless you have NBN or Cable Broadband with the fastest of fast speeds, you will almost certainly reduce the quality of the vid to 720p, 480p or lower to facilitate a better viewing experience.


720p Vs 1080p: (Both are considered HD)

15 min/Gb Vs 8 min/Gb

I have great vids of the RTE which I am working through to post a nice overview.

The RTE was shot entirely in 1080p HD (because I was testing and reached all the above conclusions afterwards).

I will post a couple of 'teasers' in the meantime.    :thumb

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank one of the OzSTOC greats - WHIZZ!     :hatwave :hatwave :hatwave

Thanks for organising this ride mate, because as good as we felt riding our bikes in a group of friendlies - the locals of Grantham appreciated our presence and input, I and could tell that we once again, brightened their day just that little bit more. Cheers Paul.    :thumbsup

Thanks Skip - $220 from Hardly Normals. It is a QUALITY item. I should have given you a better look at it in Grantham. Stay tuned for a couple more 'unedited' trailers...

Cheers, Diesel


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