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Drift HD Ghost - my review


Hi folks,

Well, I've had it a few weeks now. I'm still playing and exploring, but I think I have a good handle on it now. I haven't yet used it for what I bought it for (or should I say the birthday fairy bought for me) in that I missed the Moora ride, and haven't been out-n-about for fun for a few weeks. However, I spent some time on the weekend capturing sample videos for most of the video configurations. I have a website/blog I started a while ago where I've placed a reference chart of all videos, their raw files, and YouTubes I've uploaded (took a friggin long time!), and another with the review (although partial) for the camera too.

The sample videos can be found here: http://www.nook.net.au/www/2013/06/17/drift-hd-ghost-sample-videos/
and the review is here: http://www.nook.net.au/www/2013/06/18/drift-hd-ghost-my-review/

To summarise though, it's great, I'd buy it again, and can't recommend it enough. They all have their quirks, and this one is no different, but the selling points that tipped the scales towards the Drift were: tagging (recording history), waterproof to 3m, rotating lens, remote control, and built in 2" LCD screen. At around $420 Oz it's not cheap, but I think it's worth it.

As I discover and review more of its features, I'll come back here and add the details.

Cheers, Rob.
PS. if you can't access the files or YouTubes it's probably because I've got the security wrong - just lemme know.

Battery test today - recorded video in 170deg, 1080p, at 30fps --> 2 hours 52 minutes - not bad at all  :hatwave. Also, rather than one big file, they're broken into chunks of a maximum of 30minutes.

Thanks for following up with the review, I am sure there will be a few out there watching the results  :beer


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