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Members of OzSTOC have helped formulate an assistance plan for anyone in this scheme on tour who needs assistance to get going again. This is NOT a replacement for your Motorist Association Membership - just a group of friendlies whom might be able to help out. Keeping Members' personal details PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL has been our paramount concern in planning this scheme.

If you are able to offer some assistance (in whatever capacity your means allow), and you want to be a part of this scheme, you can send a PM to ST2UP with your details in the following format:



PRIMARY CONTACT No: (e.g. 0414 xxx xxx)

SECONDARY No: (e.g. (07) 5499 xxxx)


SERVICES OFFERED: (e.g. Bike recovery (trailer), emergency accommodation, 10 mins to Honda Dealer, internet, garage/workshop/tools)

Our OzSTOC RAN Co-ordinators are Jean (Pocket Stocker) and Chris (ST2UP).

Our Co-ordinators do three final things:

1. They will plot your location on the RAN Map (private)
2. They will send you a PM with the OzSTOC Rider Assistance special Phone Number to contact in emergency. (Yes! We have our very own National emergency contact number)
3. They will take the calls for assistance (much like NRMA or RACQ do), find an Assistance Member in the area and contact them with your details.

How it works:

I find that my alternator gives up the ghost somewhere near Mt Isa and am stuck. I call the OzSTOC RAN Number and give Chris or Jean the details. They will then look up the Assistance Member in that area and explain. If that Member is able to help - fine. You are rescued.

If they CANNOT HELP at that time... fine too - The next Member is looked up. If no luck there - we tried, and you are now on your own. Out of courtesy - let the co-ordinators know your progress.

Just supply your details as above to ST2UP to be eligible for this service. Again, your details will be kept private - guaranteed! Remember - this is for small emergency use only

Questions will be answered below.

Thanks to the Members of the RAN Committee who helped formulate this scheme. We are proud to offer this great service to our great Members.      :thumb

Cheers, The OzSTOC Team

Done!   This is a great idea, which is now getting some legs.

Fantastic Idea.

Going to need the emergency phone number So we can program it into our phones.  I tend not to answer strange numbers

Both of us done....so if I run into strife I can ring Pockey and she can tell me what to do.......mmmmm sounds familiar


My details sent through.


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