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Rider Assistance Network Phone Number & Contacts:

Members of OzSTOC have helped formulate an assistance plan for anyone in this scheme on tour who needs assistance to get going again. This is NOT a replacement for your Motorist Association Membership - just a group of friendlies whom might be able to help out.

It works very simply, If you run into trouble somewhere Ring the number below and you will get ST2UP (Chris) or Pocket Stocker (Jean), they will look up the map, and see if there is anyone who can help you, and they will ring you back, with either someone can help or not.

RAN Phone Number: 0497 176 256

How it works:


I find that my alternator gives up the ghost somewhere near Mt Isa and am stuck. I call the OzSTOC RAN Number and give Chris or Jean the details. They will then look up the Assistance Member in that area and explain. If that Member is able to help - fine. You are rescued.

If they CANNOT HELP at that time... fine too - The next Member is looked up. If no luck there - we tried, and you are now on your own. Out of courtesy - let the co-ordinators know your progress.

If you wish to add your name to the list of people involved with the Rider Assistance Network, click this link for instructions on how to: RAN How it Works

Pocket STocker:
30 OzSToc members part of the RAN network across Australia and even 1 in NZ, that's a great start for a relatively small club and a new concept for us.

The service is here for ALL OzSToc members, put the RAN number in your phone and register by PM me "IF" your in a position to render assistance.

Thanks to everyone

Pockey  :thumb


We have reached 50 members on the Rider Assistance Network program  :-++

NSW 16
QLD. 13
WA.    7
ACT.   5
Vic.    4
TAS.   2
SA.     1
NT.     1
NZ.     1

Well done to those who have contributed, still ALWAYS room for more helpers to this scheme


Pocket STocker:
Have you registered for the RAN before you head for National Rally 2014  :think1  :think1

RAN will be still accessible while we are travelling ourselves  :thumbsup

Pockey  :grin

Update of details sent, thanks for the reminder  :thumb


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