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Helmet mounted cameras illegal in Vic. Elsewhere too?

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Here's a Facebook account of a rider getting done for a helmet mounted camera.


Looks like that's the end of that fun too, kiddies.

These infringements always have two sides and I would want to hear the whole story before I would jump to any conclusions.
QLD HP are currently assessing a large range of helmet cams to determine the one that best suits their needs.
I agree there does seem to be different laws for the police at times however there is always the underlying "Public perception" that usually demands common sense.
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I have spoken to 3 different members of the qld police about this one, they have all so said there is nothing to this, no law what so ever in qld

been given stick and must use no matter legality. not brushing all law enforcement the same just some over zealous power filled individuals 

I can understand how a camera mounted to the top of the helmet like that may interfere with the safety of the helmet in an accident.

I don't think i'd ever put one on the top of my helmet.


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