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So I puts the camera on the bike and look out no friggin remote. Yeah shes lost'. So I gets another one from this bloke Link: http://www.camzilla.com.au/
and a couple of days later it turns up. So me being lousy and not wanting to lose it again came up with this. See pic. I put some Velcro on the bottom of the camera so when she's put away the remote can be stuck to it. The remote already has Velcro on it as this is where it sticks to the top of the clutch fluid resevoir. Now I know a few people have these so it may save them losing the bloody thing.
Oh yeah if you want a camera that works check these Drift cameras out. Their the best I've seen, and I've had a few including that trendy piece of crap and the Drift is the best of the lot

My remote for the 170 Stealth is velcroed to the bike between the handle bars.

great cameras, I did the velcro thing and use the tie on loop as well :crazy

I've had a few including that trendy piece of crap  terrydj

which one is that so i can skip it  :think1

Gavo, I haven't had mine long, so a bit curious as to what you have found wrong with the camera so I can avoid an foreseeable issues with the "trendy piece of crap"
Thanks for your advice  :thumbs


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