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--- Quote from: tj189 on February 10, 2012, 05:32:52 AM ---Gavo, I haven't had mine long, so a bit curious as to what you have found wrong with the camera so I can avoid an foreseeable issues with the "trendy piece of crap"
Thanks for your advice  :thumbs

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Im wanting to know what the trendy piece of crap was so i could avoid it

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The piece of Crap is called a GoPro. Just a worthless piece of junk. The battery life is rubbish, and even if its just turned on and not filming. They have no playback feature, no view screen, no remote, you can't see what your filming, can't use it with gloves on, be buggered if you can turn it on and off if your moving, just junk and for the price you pay ??????????, just brubbish compared to the Drift X170.


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i COULD BE WRONG BUT IS THAT A TOW BALL? does that mean you film where you have been?
its a Ram Mount Ball screwed onto the camera

After reading a recent post on Drift Cameras I started searching the net to see what prices I could find if buying from overseas.
I came across a web site, Alibaba.com, that is a Global Trade Site that can be used to source suppliers of Drift Cameras from China, Hong Kong, etc.  I found that on the site there are 124 suppliers of these cameras over there and the prices are very, very, much cheaper than buying here. For instance the Drift HD Stealth here in AUS sells for $269......they are available through them for $120 US, but because they are wholesalers you must buy 10 cameras, or $110 each (buy 15).....the newer and smaller HD Camera sells here for $399 and they are available for $140 but you must buy 15. All of the suppliers (124) listed have similar prices on the Cameras. Information is available on Alibaba.com on all suppliers listed.

It all looks very legit to me! :thumbsup

Diesel, I'm wondering if the powers to be might be prepared to look further into this and perhaps consider a bulk buy.  Because the value would exceed $1000 we'd be up for Duty and GST but that wouldn't amount to that much.

Mate think they are all in HD now????? Klick on the link to find some places in Australia that have em. I brough mine from America and saved heaps

Here are some reviews and comments



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