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i COULD BE WRONG BUT IS THAT A TOW BALL? does that mean you film where you have been?

I found that the little plastic latch on the battery door my Stealth had broken off a few weeks a go. I just contacted the shop I bought it from and they are going to replace the door for free, I just have to go in there and collect it. Its in Midland WA. You just dont get service like that very often.

Here is a link to their website, their prices are very competitive not worth the hassle and wait going OS for one.


Has anyone used the smaller HD model, and if so, how does it compare in quality to the other models. I know Terry has the X170 and Brock has the HD Stealth.The smaller HD is a fair bit more expensive........BUT, IS IT WORTH IT...........any thoughts fellas!  :think1

The stealth isnt very big/heavy, I dont know that the extra 120 beer tickets is worth it. The replaceable lens is a neat idea, but if you are going to use it in a damaging environment, get the water proof housing (it has replaceable lenses as well)

The stealth has one bad thing about it. When used on helmet, it takes a very clear pic of the Speedo/Tacho. Not such a good idea me thinks. :grin :grin :eek


--- Quote from: tj189 on February 10, 2012, 05:32:52 AM ---Gavo, I haven't had mine long, so a bit curious as to what you have found wrong with the camera so I can avoid an foreseeable issues with the "trendy piece of crap"
Thanks for your advice  :thumbs

--- End quote ---

Im wanting to know what the trendy piece of crap was so i could avoid it


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