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Another Rider fined for camera on helmet

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**Respectful discussion here please peoples...... ;-*

I would suggest that there must be a push from within the force, cant` see why a patrol man would bother or perhaps know that there was indeed a law! Let alone enforce such a grey area. As the article suggests, just fight it and have your day in court. Just sayin`.................. :wht11

I have sent an enquiry about the legality of Helmet Cams in SA to our Police Road Safety and Traffic Information Office.  I'll report back with the results.

The SA Road Traffic Act S162B  refers to the Regulations for helmet specifications. (see the note below about those seemingly now non-existent regulations)

In the meantime, refer to the following article for the dogs breakfast surrounding approval of motorcycle helmets in Australia.    http://www.roadrider.com.au/special-features/what-makes-a-helmet-legal

The SA Road Traffic Regulations that are referred to in that article were repealed in September 2014 and appear to have not been replaced, and an SA Govt Web site   http://mylicence.sa.gov.au/road-rules/the-drivers-handbook/motorcycles  which is discussing wearing of helmets in SA, still makes reference to those regulations.

Left hand??  Right hand??  :fp

In WA, the Police dont worry about Helmet cams, and the Helmet standard mine field.  Most of the Bike Coppers actually have cameras mounted, not Gopro but.

WA Laws (at least they used to) say that the helmet had to have the AS (5tick) sticker issued by Standards Aust, but as has been repeated many times, Standards Aust havent done that since SAI Global came in to being. Thus theregs were unenforceable

Its interesting, that NSW Police keep coming up with ways to target bikes. The infamous exhaust system blitz, Helmet blitz (started just after NSW changed the rules so no-one including Police could comply) and now helmet cams.

Personally I wouldnt wear a GoPro on the Helmet due to the drag factor trying to twist the head left/right/back and just think how it would react in the turbulence behind a truck. I do have a Drift Ghost S, but its low profile. I generally dont have the camera on the helmet, as its too easy to get the speedo in the frame and that may not be a good idea..  o:)

It looks like she has a Drift Ghost attached to the top of her helmet, and that's exactly where my Drift is attached when I'm taking video. If I'm taking still shots then it's mounted to the front of the bike. How ridiculous to book someone for such a petty thing, whilst the camera is mounted quite well for the purpose it's mounted for, it wouldn't take much of a knock if the helmet were to hit the ground, for it to dislodge or smash off the helmet, the helmet would still do the job that it's intended to do.  If there was any doubt on the officer's part then he could have issued her with a warning............very petty if you ask me!! :cuss


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