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The Ultimate Motorcycle Camera.


Having had a number of cameras and not being happy with any of them, I thought I would list my "must have's" for a motorcycle camera.
As far as I am aware this camera doesn't exist - but it bloody well should because it isn't hard to build and it would sell like hot cakes.

So here's my list (feel free to add your 2c worth of requirements, as well)
No picking on my list - It's a personal thing....

* Bullet shaped
* Lots of mounts
* Waterproof to 3 meters - without the need of extra housing
* Able to be powered whilst recording utilising a capacitor rather than a battery
* Able to run independently on battery for a minimum of 3 hrs
* Able to take a 64 GIG SD Card
* Able to turn microphone on/off from switch on the outside of the camera
* One switch turns recording on/off (a big one that a gloved finger can press) and vibrates to indicate sucess
* No still photo capture (I'll use a proper camera for that - my phone :-))
* 20 degree fish eye fixed lens (more than that, causes distortion)
* Ability to go between dash cam (15 minute segments) / continuous recording
* Ability to download movies fast ie fast processor
* Decent and upgradeable software
* Fixed 1080 resolution
* Under $250
* Replaceable battery
* Colour choice
What do you think?

Tall order, especially wanting vibrate feedback in a very small camera.
All the rest seem desirable.  And the rate things are developing, it might come out this year.

Send your list to GoPro, Sena, Sony, Kaiser Baas, ExtremeX, Contourr, Kogan etc and see if one of them takes it on . . . The $250 is probably the biggest stumbling block . . .

Drift ghost-S covers most of that, but is more the $250


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