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Has anyone  seen/read  this  ???????? ;

 Resetting the ECU

      Apparently as part of the prep before the dealer hands over the keys, the mechanic resets the ECU starts the bike and lets it idle for around 15 minutes until the fan cuts in. In the 15 minutes the ECU creates a base  map                using all the info gathered from the O2, water temperature and possibly other sensors.

     Smoother throttle response, pulls from much lower in the rev band in all gears and 6th is much more usable. Also seems to sound better.

     This is what I did.
    1.Completely disconnected the battery for 24h (my reading sources state 10 minutes to half an hour) I wanted to me sure.
    2.Turn the key to on to get rid of any held power for about 30 seconds (probable not needed).
    3.Reconnect Battery (make sure all other electrics are off)
    4.Turn key to on
    5.Start bike without touching the throttle.
    6.Leave to idle (DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE) for around 15 minutes until the fan kicks in (mine took 16 minutes).
    7.Hit the kill switch.
    8.Turn off the ignition.
    9.Now you’re done.

    If you do decide to give it a go please let me know what you think. Found this on a forum for the Honda Goldwing 1800 and a few other bikes.


--- Quote from: Lonerider1 on September 30, 2016, 11:10:20 PM ---
.... Smoother throttle response, pulls from much lower in the rev band in all gears and 6th is much more usable....

--- End quote ---

This sounds awesome :thumbs, at the moment I can't even use 6th gear (It's like I don't even have one ;-* :rofl)

But on a serious note, this sounds like something that may be worth giving a go, thanks for sharing :thumbsup


Has anyone tried this, if so with what results?

Sounds reasonable  :think1

I think Shiney should do it first  :grin (His bike has warranty  :p


Lol, I believe Draco is going to give it a go today or tomorrow, will let you know how it goes :thumbs

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