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Strange engine problem.

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Hi, i think i have asked about this before, and i have searched over and over periodically, and can not finds any information.
I have had an ongoing issue with my ST1300, and have yet to find any reference to it online.
I finally caught a good example on video.
Bike is at operating temp.
5Way T is clean.
Have replaced fuel pump, and filter.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

 It sounds like it loads up a little and stalls. What revs is it idling at??

Have you tried running some injector cleaner through it. How are the valve clearances?

Idle is set to 1100 as per manual. i did have it set to 900 at one stage because 1100 seemed a bit high, and that is closer to what my old CB idled at, then i realised the reason for the high idle was all the electronics, as they would start playing up when i moved the windscreen at that idle speed.

Have run injector cleaner, changed fuel pump and filter, changed coils, inspected / cleaned throttle body (in-place). Last time i checked the Valves they were in spec, and i asked them mechanic to check them last time the tires were changed, and they reported they were fine.

Been an ongoing issue but i have given up trying to fix it myself, and will have it going to another mechanic next week.

Still would like to know if anyone else has had anything similar happen tho.

This may be of interest to you:

Good luck

Cheers ... Mark


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