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Hi all,
On my ride home tonight from work I somehow stalled the bike after about 20 minutes (bike was warm enough) when it came to idle at a set of lights. Looking through the forums I've seen that the 5 way connector under the air filter box can be an issue so I thought I could have a quick look under tonight to see if that could be the issue before I investigated further (I also currently have error 26 on my FI light which also led me to this connector.) However upon inspection after getting most of the screws out I was met with a stripped out screw from a previous owner and it just wasn't keen to budge. I've tried the rubber band trick to hopefully gain traction but no luck and this is the only part stopping me from gaining access. I've re assembled the bike now and am currently going through an ECU reset which I will finish tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone has any ideas on how I can get this screw out before I go for my next attempt later through the week.

Years ago I butchered one of those wretched screws and ended up drilling the mongrel out, damaging the nylon surrounding the screw in the process.  I since found out the screws are JIS type meaning a Phillips head screw driver will quite possibly damage a difficult-to-move JIS screw.  When I put the cruise control in Rubina recently, I used an "OZSTOC JIS" driver- that is, a #2 Phillips driver with 1mm of the tip ground off.  I also gave each of the 8 screws a mild tap (on the top of the screw driver) which helped to get them to budge.
You should use a JIS driver on all the ST's screws- the grip feels really positive, unlike a Phillips driver.

Unfortunately this is the current state of 1 screw

If you are carefull, you can drill the head off,. use a drill the same size as the thread. If you are lucky, once the head is off. you may be able to use pointy nose pliers to remove the rest.

Any form of old screwdriver that fits in the remnants with a dollop of JB Weld and let set for a few hours should work...Oh, and the toolkit screwdriver is a JIS head


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