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stalling and fuel smell

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Derek 2011 ST1300:
for the last year I have had an issue which Honda cannot find as it does not show a "fault" on the computer. After a run of an hour or so, when trying to start the next or subsequent day, it idles very badly and stalls. if i persist during the week with only starting or a 5 min run to work, it clears itself and then does not occur again until another ronger ride.
im not all that mechanical and it's always serviced at a Honda dealer but Im geting frustrated
help please!!!

Hi Derek and Welcome to the Forum.
The first thing I would check is the fuel vapour vent hose which runs from under the fuel cap to some point beneath the bike.   It it's blocked it may give some wierd fueling symptoms due to the vacuum buildup in the tank.    Squirt a little RP7 into the top of the vent hose and gently blow some compressed air into the top of the vent, looking for the RP7 running out of the vent under the bike.   It the vent hose is clear, you'll need to start looking elsewhere, but it's a simple place to start.

A very high fuel mixture can leave unburned fuel, causing a fuel smell.

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I had an issue a while ago with excessive fuel usage and the smell of fuel from the exhaust.    See:
This was fixed by balancing the throttle bodies and blocking off the PAIR system.

Just something else to think about.

Derek 2011 ST1300:
Thank you all for your replies. the fuel vent hose under the filler cap isn't blocked and it appears just to be a fuel drain if you overfill the tank? - perhaps im looking at the wrong thing
Fuel consumption has only risen marginally and bike still has full power over 2500rpm leading me to think it's not filter or pump
I don't know what a "PAIR" system is (pardon my ignorance)
I have completed the "ECU" reset as described in other posts and will check after a long ride this weekend to see if it made a difference
kind regards. Derek


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