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12V accessory socket wiring

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The always-on 12V feed to the accessory socket in my LH pie warmer has died.  The accessory socket itself died some time ago and was replaced with a dual USB outlet, but that's not relevant.  An inline fuse has been fitted immediately before the socket (it looks non-OEM), and that fuse is blown.  But the upstream side of this fuse is not reading 12V so I'm figuring there is another fuse upstream from this. Blowed if I can find it though. I've checked the fuses in the fusebox under the left side cover and they all seem OK.

Anyone got any ideas about where I might the fuse for the accessory socket?

It may be down by the battery, its not a standard fit.

Thanks Brock.  Are you saying that the 12v outlet in the pie-warmer is non-standard?  That would explain why why I can't find the fuse in a 'normal' place.  I'll go hunting.

I had assumed that the outlet was OEM because the wiring that leads to it seems to disappear into a loom.  Maybe it's OEM only on a Police version?

Actually, with a bit more poking I found that the +12 to the socket is fine. The fault is a high-resistance earth return. If I connect the -ve side of the accessory socket to another earth point it works fine.  This might explain why it's been 'iffy' for a while.

The 12V socket, isnt a standard fit. It may have been added in the police workshop to allow for use of a radar gun..


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