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Has anybody got for sale or know where I can purchase mirror brackets to mount spotlights for st1300?

These work perfectly  :thumb


I modified & painted joist hangers for my under mirror spots.  Bent, cut, painted, and bolted in after filing a 3mm deep groove in the mirror cover.  Bit fiddly, but only needed a drill, vice, file, tinsnips, black paint, and some washers

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Thanks DavidP, any chance of posting a photo or two to give me an idea.  I had thought of making my own

Hi,  just continuing this old topic,  I have my spots (50w Runway Gold, 500g each) mounted using the police over-mirror mounts, but Id really like them under the mirrors instead.

Ive been playing around and come up with something like the below using a piece of aluminium tube as a spacer.

The only problem for me is that it would require me to cut a substantial V-shape out of the mirror housing, rather than the shallow 3mm notch that DavidP and some others have indicated.

Id rather not hack out big chunks of plastic only to later find a better way.   Im wondering if anyone who has done their own under-mirror mounts could post some photos to show how they did it.


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