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2018 Honda Gold Wing Sheds Weight

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The 2018 Honda Gold Wing has shed up to 48kg of weight, has an electric windscreen, seven-speed automatic transmission, traction control and a link front fork.


You absolute beauty!!
That might well be the answer to my ST problem- namely, my wife preferred the Wing.    :grin
AND they now have an electric screen.  If the GPS is a good Garmin, with the weight loss, and those sharp looks...    :clap

Now I'll just have to wait 5 years for an affordable second-hand one to come available.    :'(

I just read "idling stop".  That's a fuel saving gimmick that I hope is switch selectable.  Bikes don't burn enough to warrant it.  And the tank is smaller- why!!?  Just because USA has a 24 hour servo every ten miles!
Ahh- it can be:  "Idling Stop can be turned ON or OFF from the right handlebar switch."

How clever is this!?  "The automatic indicator system compares front and rear wheel speed difference to calculate signal cancellation."


Oh dear, my ST has just developed a serious problem.

I want another Goldwing!

I love the bluemotion auto stop on the Golf and the DSG gearbox.

I think I would get used to the Honda versions.

There appears to be a lot to like about this new wing.

It seems like a nice blend between the ST and wing.

Looks very nice :thumbsup


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