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I fitted a set of cheap LED headlight bulbs recently and was very impressed with the amount of light on low beam. However, high beam was not as impressive. I was also running two HID spotlights mounted over the mirrors which gave enough light to maintain open road speed limits.

When browsing through Ebay I came across two 5 inch LED spotlights for $100. They use 6 Cree LEDS and are supposedly rated at 6,000 lumens per light. I decided to buy a set to see how they performed against the old HID spots. I made some brackets up and mounted them under the mirrors. They are a great improvement over the HID spots. Not having to wait for them to warm up is a major advantage and the light is far more intense. They are quite a bit heavier than the plastic HID lights so I am hoping that my brackets are strong enough to take the weight over a period of time. Here's a photo of them mounted on the bike.

And you polished the bike for the photo!   :grin

6000 Lm is impressive.  My 3486 Lm from Jaycar do pretty well, so you're set.  Goodonya for making up brackets.  Hopefully they will do the job for you.

You have a very keen eye Biggles! Yes, I had just washed and polished the bike. I would take the 6,000 Lm with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, it is if you are happy with the light output for the price that really counts.

I fitted led headlights, but I also went for led sidelights, led driving lights on the front forks, and the led indicator conversion, Iím really happy with the light output, full headlights are negligible but Iím thinking of adding led spotlights under the mirrors connected to full headlights.

In the daylight



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