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Flubby - (Duanne}:
Hi all.
I am looking for some new driving lights for the 96 ST1100.
I have sourced the police brackets finally.
Has anyone used these at all?

Or what other lights would you recommend.. these say 10000Lumins...., damn that bright.
I will be doing more night riding after winter and living rural I want something that is going to see everything..

They look ok from the website says about them. The combination spot/flood beam I think will give you something similar to the HID Euro Beam I have. Wide enough beam pattern to cover the vegetation on both sides of the road and more than enough range to suit state highway limits.

I bought 4 inch 55w HID in 2015 and I only paid about $60 not the $289 price in this link. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HID-Xenon-Driving-Lights-Pair-4-Inch-55w-Euro-Beam-4x4-4wd-Off-Road-12v-24v/181995877327?hash=item2a5fccb3cf:g:xeEAAOSwpRRWnXuw

Flubby - (Duanne}:
Tahnks Alans1100. Appreciate the feedback I'm  newb to alot of this stuff.
So Cheers  :thumbs :thumbsup

I would take the claim of 10,000 lumens with a grain of salt. However, for the price of <$30 for two lights from some of the sites on EBay, they are cheap enough to take a gamble on (I have put my money where my mouth is and ordered a pair yesterday). I expect that they will certainly enhance your existing lights. 

I am currently using these 5 inch LED spots on my ST1300.  https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-5inch-120W-CREE-LED-Driving-Light-Work-Lamp-Spot-Flood-Offroad-SUV-UTE-HID-7/222674878833?hash=item33d8750171:g:iWsAAOSw0bhZ3eWh

I previously used 5 inch HID spots for years and the LED spots are a big improvement. They instantly turn on and put out far more light. On the downside, they are a lot heavier than the HID's which causes the mounting plates to vibrate quite a bit on dirt roads. If the 4" LED spots are bright enough I intend to mount them under the mirrors and use the 5 inch LED's on Police mounts over the mirrors for longer night riding trips. I am also thinking of strengthening the mounting plates to stop any vibration in the under mirror lights. 

I will let you know how the LED spots compare when the 4 inch ones arrive in a week or so.

The downside of the cheapy LEDs I once wasted money on was the poor quality of the plastic and metal.  The plastic lens cover fell out and after being glued back in gradually lost its transparency.  I have used the Jaycar spot LEDs for many hours of night riding and they still look as good as new.


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