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I will be leaving the Hobart area for the Rally on the 26th July , I will be stopping at Sheffield on the way up at around 3:00pm , from there onto the boat.
If there is anyone available you are most welcome to join me at Sheffield, The coffee shop opposite the Caltex / United petrol station with the Bike parking out front is where I will be.
I am spending four days travelling up to Brisbane , spend a week with Penny before heading to the Rally ,I arrive at the Rally on Thurs 9th Aug , leave on Mon 13th Aug and head back to Brisbane and spend another week with Penny before heading back down to the Boat.

We'll be leaving Brisbane on the 9th and staying overnight in Rocky, and arriving in Mackay in the 10th and leaving in the 13th via overnight in  Gladstone on the way back.

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Iíll see you at the rally ,talk to you then

BodÝ Glimt:
I am getting the feeling "spending a week with Penny" is some English phrase I have never heard of.  I have heard of of spending a penny as going to the lavatory but not with a time frame on it like this instance.

Just for your information Penny is my Partner ,with whom I will be spending time with. I have taken a great offence to the comment you have made Bodo.


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