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Led h/light bulbs

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Anyone fitted led h/light bulbs to ST1100 & are there any problems

LED's will give off a brighter light making you more visible however high beam distance down the road is limited, all depends on whether you riding is city or country.

Thanks Yorkie only need to be seen no night riding to much wild life

Lorien Vale:
I fitted some . Love em. :bl11

I purchased some off JF3000 here on OzSTOC....very happy with the low beam result. They cut off nicely and have a good spread until the Darla's pick up where the ST Headlights leave off in width.

To have the low beam set just right it has the High beam to high for my preference......but then you cannot see the H4 High beam through the Light Tech spreads and the Krista spots....so for me no loss.

I lost count of the amount of times I had to brake or move around on the road for grass hoppers last night.



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