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I have not long been home after a small ride around the block. Left Home at 7:15am ( Risdon Vale Near Hobart ) and travelled up to Deloraine via the Central Highlands Great Lake , stopped for a coffee and morning tea then headed off out past Cradle Mountain to the West Coast and down to Queenstown where I had lunch at the West Coast Wilderness Railway Cafe , headed off about 2:00pm and headed back done to home arrived back at 5:30pm travelled 660kms for the day.
Weather was good a bit windy in some areas but plenty of sunshine and no rain.

Nice little ride!  :thumbs


--- Quote from: ruSTynutz on December 21, 2019, 09:18:30 PM ---Nice little ride!  :thumbs
--- End quote ---

It certainly is.  Just think, two months ago I would have had google maps open to see there these places were and get some rough idea of the course taken but now I don't need to.  Even the café I know.


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