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West Aussie Glen:
THis was posted on the Australian Goldwing Association Facebook page:-
For Sale:
The Estate of Alan Holland (Dutchy) is offering up his Honda GL1500 Goldwing – for $6500. It is in immaculate condition, comes with an ACT blue slip and only has 40702 original kilometres.  His matching classic trailer, again in immaculate condition, comes with cover, is on offer for $2200. Your contact details phone - Phil on 0407 930 282.

That’s a great price with hardly any kms👍

West Aussie Glen:
It would be nice to know what year it is. The 1500 had several improvements over it's life.

West Aussie Glen:
It is a 97 SE but sold and has gone to Victoria, did you buy it JD?

Hey Glen, we are considering a wing. Preferably 2012-2017 model and in victoria. let me know if you hear of one.


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