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GL1500 and Trailer

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West Aussie Glen:

--- Quote from: ruSTynutz on February 17, 2024, 12:47:58 PM ---Here's one, Garry!

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A nice bike.
That is a luxury model with sat nav and airbag. The details in the ad say state of origin USA but that is wrong, made in Japan.

West Aussie Glen:

--- Quote from: ppopeye on February 17, 2024, 12:32:24 PM ---Hey Glen, we are considering a wing. Preferably 2012-2017 model and in victoria. let me know if you hear of one.

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This is from FB
Australian Honda Goldwing Parts Buy Swap Sell
David Delaney 
3 d
2012 Honda Goldwing for sale - a change in our lifestyle has resulted in the need to part with it.
It has around 90,360 on the clock and was serviced with 2 brand new tyres fitted a year ago, and been garaged since.
It has a slight scarring on the display and some minor marks from riding.
Asking Price is $14500
If anyone is interested- we are in the Bathurst area of Central West NSW.
PM me for more information
Honda Goldwing (GL1800) 2012 model
Odometer 90,300
  2 keys.
4 speakers stereo.
Heated grips and seat.
Adjustable windshield.
Reverse gear.
Pillion armrests.
Drink holders for rider and pillion.
Mobile Phone Holder
Well maintained last service Feb 2023, new tyres-garaged since.
Slight scarring on display
Service books and manual.
Best touring Bike on the market.
Highway Pegs.
Goldwing luggage bags for side and back panniers.
Registration until September 2024.


--- Quote from: West Aussie Glen on February 17, 2024, 05:45:55 PM ---The details in the ad say state of origin USA but that is wrong, made in Japan.

--- End quote ---

Doesn't surprise me, Glen...When I bought my ST it was advertised as having automatic transmission!  :rofl

Thanks Glen. L will check it out


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