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Here is the link to Corbin Seats to suit the Honda ST1100 & the Honda ST1300, they make a very good product

Honda ST1100

Honda ST1300

Has anyone fitted a Corbin seat? I'm considering one as an alternative to a refoamed/recovered stock seat so I can keep my stock seat and not have any downtime of my bike.

Corbin Seats have an agreement that they will not sell new seats direct to us in Australia, you have to deal with VPW Australia, in Melbourne,  :wht13 the guy to speak to is Ian Walker, 

I have had a couple of Corbin Seats, personally I prefer the "Close" version which is designed for  people who like to sit closer to the tank, the standard version doesn't suport my butt enough and allows me to slide back when I take off quick.

I rode from Peth to Bathurst then down to Phillip Island and back to W.A. a couple of years ago and found that after I broke it in it was quite comfortable

I had a Corbin seat on each of my original ST1100 and Blackbird. They weren't too bad, despite the cost, though I didn't think they were what they were cracked up to be.

For latter bikes I have used John Moorehouse at Ergo seats (I didn't know of John when I bought the Corbins). Couple of advantages in using John are certainly cost; the ability to have the seat(s) adjusted for yourself and pillion plus the fact that John is 30 mins down the road from where I live. The down side is a little time without the seat which kinda makes it hard to ride the bike for up to a week.

Guess it comes down to personal choice in the end.

I've had a Corbin on an ST1300, and for similar money you can get a custom made seat from the Moorehouse brothers.
I'd agree with Dennis- go with the latter.  The Corbins look as nice as John's, but they're not as comfortable.


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