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HeliBars (adjustable handlebars) for the Honda ST1100 & Honda ST1300

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HeliBars (adjustable handlebars) for the Honda ST1100 & Honda ST1300

Being taller and more rearset, the design, placed the riderís neck, shoulders and lower back into a much more relaxed, more vertical riding position. By removing much of the weight from the hands and wrists, the prototype improved long distance riding comfort and enhanced the excitement of sport riding

Honda ST1100

Honda ST1300

Looks like they do a version for the 1300 as well;

Motorcycle Handlebars, Honda, ST1300, HeliBars, Horizon, Multi Adjustable View additional details
NEW Horizon ST Multi Adjustable Handlebar System for Honda ST1300 2003-2012!!
Ride in your comfort zone!

Horizon ST Handlebars for the Honda ST1300!

    Maximum 4" taller depending on forward or back orientation of riser.  (2" Taller than our Gen 3 Riser)
    Maximum 5" rearward depending on forward or back orientation of riser and forward and back angle of the grip tube. (2.5" More rear offset than the Gen 3 Riser)
    Maximum 2" wider depending on forward or back wrist angle adjustment.
    Detailed instructions and all components necessary for installation are included.

Product ID: HST01061
Price: $595.00

Woops sorry i missed that one, information has been fixed

Just be aware on the ST1300 with the hinged tank that bringing the handlebars back more than a couple of inches will make it impossible to lift the tank.  I've got the MCL ones and can just (with effort) do it with the tank in the furthest rear slot.

The alternative will be to completely remove the tank to get to the air filter etc, and that's just masochistic.

I wouldn't mind a pair of lower bars don't think I'll find any tho


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