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Australian Woollen Seat Covers Honda ST1100 & Honda ST1300

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Are you thinking of a Woollen Seat Cover for your Honda ST1100 or your Honda ST1300?

Sunshine Sheep Skins


Phone: 07 4698 7697 Talk to Bill or Carol

I have met Bill, very blunt fellow, but i have seen his work, and it is very good, and will not break the bank, he also does same day work for custom seats.

Well i am Dropping my Seat off Tomorrow, $180 for a full Custom Wool Seat Cover, I am looking forward to getting it done  :thumbsup

similar.... I got mine from

For $180 too ($190 now)... it improves the stock seat somewhat comfy-wise.

Well my seat cover has been completed cost me $220 instead of $180, due to the custom seat he had to use 2 peices instead of one, (but i was expecting that), very happy with the results, photos are below:

made with no straps for easy removal if it rains, or i can use it as a pillow if camping, it camp up a treat.


Streak (Graham)

Looks awesome Streak :thumb


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