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Okay - we ALL know that ONLY YOU care about your blog - but if you have a blog going (to do with motorcycles) - post it here - and the 'insanely bored' of us with all the time in the world on our hands may just pop in for a gander.

We ALL realise that we are new at this writing thingy, and that the content has to be written to appeal to people of many interests, so we agree to give plenty of quarter to each other's rantings. We are also not looking for critiquing - just read them if you want.                  Wot thuh

The chronological order of blogs can be hard to ascertain - so to start from the beginning - click 2012 date at the RHS. At the bottom of each article, you can click 'newer post' for the next one

Anyways - I've begun mine, and it looks like this.......


Got one? Post it below.

Cheers, Diesel

Couple of blogs i like to read not mine And yes i am insanely bored. :)

This one is my neighbour's daughter and her husband.

This one is Uncle Phil of STowners.

Try this one its very pink. :thumb


Fancy touring on one of these not with my back. ::)

If you have a spare 5mins read this. 8)


--- Quote from: keith3po on November 19, 2012, 07:58:11 PM ---Fancy touring on one of these not with my back. ::)

--- End quote ---

No, I wouldn't go there.........is why I got the ST


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