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Cycle Terminal ... Eastern Beaver.


Eastern Beaver is a good supplier of electrical connectors and wiring fuse boxs etc, where the guy is based in Japan.  I prefer them as a supplier for the crimping tools.

However you might want to check out Cycle Terminal in the USA.  I find the prices are better  for the connectors.  Freight might change the mix a bit.  He also does kits etc.  The web site is

Happy wiring!

Great find there Piet  ++

The fuse blocks look nice and neat  :think1

Diagram page may be interesting for some people as well.

Good find. I think I might sticky this until we consolidate all the connection and wiring sources in one spot.

Holy cow, their fast too.  I placed an order last night Friday the 2nd of Jan 2015 @ 20:25 by Paypal.
This morning Sat the 3rd @ 7:03, I received an email from that the consignment was shipped via USPS and gave me the tracking number.  Thats great service.

Got home from work Friday the 9th and the goods had been delivered.  So one week delivery by USPS.


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