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2021-09-11 Quorn Ride To Eat


With hay fever setting in earlier in the week (urgh, I never used to get this) and peaking on friday I thought I would have to pull stumps on this but on saturday morning opted to go to Roseworthy and see how was I feeling before deciding to turn around or push on.  After refuelling and having a quick breakfast bite I felt alright and chose to push on.

I pulled up at Linwood and then walked across the bridge into Stockport when I noticed that there was an old highway and bridges across the Light River.  It's not the first time I have crossed a bridge I have done a zillion times and noticed there is an older bridge only metres away (Reynella comes to mind).

I pulled up at Auburn to have a look at the Rising Sun Hotel as a possible venue suggestion for the 2022 calendar and noticed they (the town, not the hotel) have a French Fest.  I'd never heard of it before but like the Nuriootpa Strassefest only knew of it by passing through on the day.  I encountered 25km/h 'event in progress' restrictions on the way home.  I wonder if there's a Scandwegian festival somewhere sometime in the state now.  I've been to the Japan Fest a couple of times.  After getting home I went add the Rising Sun Hotel to my list only to find it was already there.

I've often seen this town sign in Clare and thought there's nowhere safe tor easy to put the bike in front of it.  That still is true, but yesterday I noticed there is a carpark behind it for the first time.  The rusted bolts to either side look like they are trying to put 'Clare' in quotes.

I knew JB and co had pulled stumps up at Yacka(moorundie) the night before and when I saw a sign for the caravan park went and had a sticky beak.  I got sprung taking photos.   :crackup

Can I tow it?

This is the first time I have noticed the Wongyarra hall.

I deviated off the Horrocks Highway and took the Germein Gorge road to the Augusta Highway  The surface has deteriorated since I was last there.  I had planned to return to the Horrocks Highway via Horrocks Pass but remembering the only fuel spot in Wilmington was the bunch of Hunts I had issues with in Orroroo last year opted to do the road from Stirling North as I know there's a fuel stop there.  Arriving in Quorn was the obligatory viewing of the farm machinery.

There's always a dog somewhere that wants to bark its head off when you stop somewhere to take photos.  This was near the church.

Seven of us for lunch on the day and not one single Honda ST among us.  Besides the ubiquitous versys we had Johnnyyted's can-am spyder, Langers' v-strÝm, JB's bus and Shillas's subaru.

Johnnyyted took some photos/videos with his drone (I want one now).  I thought they were the photos he emailed me yesterday but upon viewing them at home they weren't.

Only a couple of stops on the way home.  I pulled in at the Cheese tree in Melrose for a comfort stop and then at the John Horrocks sculpture in Penwortham which I spotted on the way up, and that was it.

I didn't create a spot trip for the day as it's being playing up lately and I didn't do my usual zig zag to get there or back.

I was interested hearing Julie's take on Hammond and she and Langers went through there on the way to Quorn.  I'd spotted a sign for Hammond when passing though Willowie two weeks ago and put that on my mental list of places to check out.  It's a long list by the way.

Wild Rose:
Great read Bodo  :hatwave
Very interesting  :like

Thanks for the report Bodo and I was pretty disappointed to miss our RTE to Quorn.    How was the meal at the Quandong Cafe?


--- Quote from: StinkyPete on September 12, 2021, 09:47:24 AM ---Thanks for the report Bodo and I was pretty disappointed to miss our RTE to Quorn.    How was the meal at the Quandong Cafe?

--- End quote ---

Sorry you couldn't make it for the second time.  I was almost a non-starter but got there in the end.  The food was different for an RTE and I meant to put that in my report but forgot.  I had a yiro at an RTE for the first time.  For our interstate friends who may not know what a yiro is (and I didn't when I first came to Adelaide in 2005) it's more or less what other states call a donor kebab.

When I first came here I saw "yiros" signs everywhere and thought "what the hell is yiros?".  I also realised I never saw any kebab shops but never put two and two together until I walked into one and asked if a yiros was like kebab.  I was corrected on my pronunciation and more or less told it's sort of the same but unless you're Greek or Turkish you're not going to know the difference.

Yesterday's was good.  I should have asked for no oinion because they put that purple onion in I don't like (and manually removed).  Cheesecake was awesome and no complaints about the coffee either.

They took covid restrictions seriously.  You went in one door to pay/order, then they let you in through another door once you had done that and kept control of numbers.  It also kept people away from the counter.


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