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Today's Ride 6/10/2021

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I've been struggling with my back in recent times so have been taking things a little easy but seeing as it was a beautiful day today I decided to risk it and head out for a semi decent ride.

With no real plan I headed for Warragul.

On the way I decided I'd head up to Neerim South via Nilma & Crossover...
From there I hung a left and headed for Jindivick and then to Longwarry Nth where I then made my way along the Princes Hwy to Drouin.

I thought about then heading for home but decided that while the weather was still okay and my back was holding up, I might as well continue to Lang Lang via Ripplebrook.
It was just near Ripplebrook that I had some moron in a Holden one tonner ute pass me over double lines...
I was sitting on 100kph at the time too!
Anyhow, I saw red so blasted him with my ST's airhorns...
The result was quite funny but in hindsight it could have been quite dangerous as the bloke crapped himself and swerved all over the road in shock!
Luckily he regained control quickly and with nothing falling out of his ute other than some paper or cardboard I waved goodbye with a couple of fingers to which he responded in similar fashion... :rofl

Arriving at Heath Hill I made my one and only stop of the ride at an "un-manned" roadside fruit & veggie stall.
This operates on an "honesty" system.
After buying some free range eggs (more on these later) and some capsicums I continued on.

Through Lang Lang and on to the South Gippsland Highway I headed, deciding to then continue straight ahead instead of turning off towards Korumburra.
With the weather starting to look a bit ordinary by now I then made the decision to turn off at "The Gurdies" and make my way home via Kernot, Almurta, Glen Alvie and Kongwak...

Arriving home I opened the topbox and was greeted with a near empty egg carton...it had obviously flipped over on some of more decent bumps I'd come across, spreading eggs all around the topbox.
Luckily I had a towel in there so mess was minimal with only three eggs ending up cracked!  >:()

All in all though, it was a very enjoyable ride...  :thumbs

Oh, and I reckon I found a possible cafe for a future RTE...the Jindi Caf @ Jindivick...(https://jindivick.com.au/)

The Jindi Caf...(pic courtesy of the net)

This afternoon's Ride...

Nice ride and RR :like, thanks for sharing.

Thanks JD!  :thumbs

You & Chippy must be really looking forward to getting out on the road again!

Wild Rose:
Thanks ruSTy for the ride report
Thanks for sharing  :like

One of the best views in Gippsland at the Jindivick Cafe.


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