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1100A Front Wheel Removal
« on: August 04, 2019, 10:46:32 PM »
With the need to do a tyre change over on our 1100A I thought it might be a good idea to post up what I do to get the wheel out with the bike on the ground.

Before I can start I need to place the bike on the centre stand and get the required tools and I use the tools from the bike's tool kit.

The front axle needs a 24 mm spanner or socket to undo to loosen it and it can then be removed by hand but I leave it in place because sometimes you may need to use a hammer and tap the axle out.

Then I remove the speedo drive cable - not sure if I need to do this but it's what I do.

Before the axle can be removed the four pinch bolts needed to be loosened with a 12 mm spanner

Because I'm doing this on the ground the front half of the mud guard needs to come off. One bolt either side needs a 10 mm spanner.

You will notice the brake lines in this image as well. The left fork (right side of image) has a secondary master cylinder there for the combines brake system. On the right fork is a delay valve which is part of the rear pedal combined brake system

The front piece of the guard is also held in by an Allen bolt on each fork leg

With the above out the way I now have a naked front wheel

Next image is the ABS/TCS sensor which along with it's mount needs to be removed before the wheel will come out.

The two bolts shown are for the caliper (left hand) and the sensor mount and both need to be removed.

And this bolt which secures the caliper to the anti-dive unit also needs to come out.

I've removed the caliper and used a piece of old wire to support it.

Now the axle and wheel can be removed but first I need to support the front of the bike with a jack.

Jacking the front up causes the front wheel to slip out of the LH caliper which I leave in place.

The front speedo drive could do with some new grease which I'll do while waiting for the tyre to be swapped over at the tyre dealer.

I also check the front brake pads for wear. The are okay and will easily last the distance to the next tyre change.

I check the for seals for leaks and these still look okay

That's it for now. The wheel is off and waiting to get the tyre swapped over. Generally I reverse the process when replacing the wheel. Sometimes I remove the LH pads and compress the pistons and other times the LH disc just slides in between the pads.

I'll follow up with a post putting the wheel back in when I do that.

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